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Sustainable Transfer Finishings

1 Transfer Technology – 3 Decorating Processes

Unrivaled in the entire sector: KURZ provides you with the thinnest decoration layers on the market. Because our technology is based on an ultra-thin, dry coating layer that carries the design (1.5 to 3 μm). This is on an extremely thin polyester carrier (PET), which is removed once the transfer is complete.

So whether hot stamping, cold or digital transfer – with the advantages of the transfer technology from KURZ, you can bridge the gap between a packaging design with an outstanding finish and an environmentally-friendly approach. Because, with our environmentally-friendly transfer decoration process, no film is transferred and no lamination takes place.

KURZ Transfer Processes – Most Sustainable


No PET is transferred to the product


Emissions-free transfer


Transfer of an extremely thin, dry varnish layer (1.5 to 3 μm)


Dry application process without wet varnish


Low energy consumption per m2 of decorated surface

Sustainable Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is fundamentally environmentally-friendly: Wafer-thin aluminum and lacquer layers (the decoration) are transferred from a thin PET carrier to a substrate during the printing process. The carrier is removed and the decorative layer remains on the substrate. The transfer process itself is emissions-free and no wet varnishes are used. Due to the extremely thin decoration layer transferred, the application takes place with a lower energy consumption per square meter of decorated surface than with other decoration processes.

What Makes Hot Stamping Sustainable?

  • Dry process
  • Emissions-free
  • Extremely thin PET carrier
  • Unused material can be kept until the next application
Rotative stamping die for hot stamping

Eco-efficient Cold Transfer

With cold transfer for sheet-fed and web-fed, wafer-thin aluminum and varnish layers are also applied to a substrate. But in this case, an adhesive is used. Firstly, the adhesive is applied to the substrate with the utmost precision. Then the cold transfer design is precisely applied and the adhesive is cured, for example using UV light. Once cured, the carrier is removed from the substrate. The decoration remains on the parts of the substrate bearing adhesive.

What Makes Cold Transfer Sustainable?

  • DISTORUN®: Our cold transfer module with film saving system enables precise positioning of individual images and endless decorations. The area between the images can be used efficiently thanks to the drawback system and waste is reduced
  • Dry, emissions-free process
  • The thinnest PET carrier on the market
  • Easy storage of unused transfer goods
  • Minimizes wastage and energy use
KURZ DISTORUN® for sustainable cold transfer

Reduction Pro Digital Transfer

Digital brilliance with minimized input


Our innovative DIGITAL METAL® transfer process is a particularly versatile way to achieve your desired finish. Designed as an efficient complete solution, we provide all components from a single source – from the machine, to the transfer finish, to the ink – all perfectly matched.

What Makes Digital Metal® Sustainable?

  • Minimized start-up time
  • Fewer losses at the start of production
  • Reduced material consumption
  • Less waste and reduced energy consumption
Sustainable benefits with digital finishing


The DM-JETLINER 2D enables you to apply metallization effects to paper and label materials seamlessly in your digital press prior to digital color printing. With our multi-use process this is particularly cost- and material saving (repeated film use up to 3 times). In this way, production-related free space can be used effectively. Once the transfer finish is applied to the unprinted substrate with a UV-curing adhesive, the PET carrier is removed and the substrate can be overprinted inside the press.

Combine luxury appeal with sustainability


The DM-LUXLINER transfers metallization to paper and cardboard prior to the digital color printing. The motifs are first printed digitally. The DM-LUXLINER then transfers the DIGITAL METAL® transfer decoration. The PET carrier is removed and rolled up. Compatible digital printing machines can overprint in four colors with very precise register accuracy.

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