Production Waste

Environmentally-sound Waste Disposal Included

Product finishing can only be as environmentally sustainable as its associated pollution prevention and recycling concept. That's why for all of our hot stamping processes, we only use PET foils that can be safely disposed of without representing a risk to nature and the environment. Surplus foil can be utilised as a valuable source of energy in thermal recycling plants. We work continuously to improve material recycling concepts and initiatives. KURZ is currently the only manufacturer to be involved in the return of PET surplus materials for professional disposal.

  • Extremely thin PET film (12 µm max) – minimized carrier input for maximum embellishment
  • The PET stays within the industrial waste cycle for processing which makes it easier to recycle
  • It can be segregated as a secondary fuel for energy recovery plants
  • The high heating value allows for fuelling specially equipped facilities which would normally use gas, coal or oil
  • PET is a sought after combustible in many industries as a replacement for fossil fuels
  • Even if occasionally disposed in landfills – which is not the best solution – the product neither creates any emissions nor is it of any harm to groundwater or the soil
  • Start up of a PET recycling program and carbon footprint reduction program at KURZ
  • KURZ: the plastic expert pioneering a closed loop technology
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