The Manufacturing Process

Optimal Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

All around the world our sites are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. Thanks to our regenerative post-combustion plants we recover energy to the absolute limit of what is technically possible and achieve an efficiency level of up to 95 %. Our energy recycling system also allows us to remain 85 % below legally permitted emission levels world-wide. No waste water is generated during foil production and recovery is 100 % solvent-free. Thanks to noise reduction measures and a highly efficient waste air purification system we also keep negative impact on the immediate surroundings of our sites as low as possible.

  • Worldwide we recover the solvents used after the lacquering process and re-use these for energy and heat generation at our production plants
  • By producing with the widest printing machines in our industry we can reduce wastage and therefore offer a transfer product with the lowest carbon footprint
  • Investment in the CO2-neutral production process (e.g. at KURZ Germany, 100 % of our electrical energy is from sustainable sources and KURZ China are doubling the surface area of their roof solar panels to 20,000 m²)
  • Waste water free production process
  • As manufacturers with multiple locations across the globe we can tailor our production efficiently to both reduce CO2 emissions whilst at the same time support local and international markets
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