Your Finished End Product

Minimal Material Application – Maximum Sustainability Effect

Glossy metallic packaging, magazines and similar pose one question for customers with a commitment to sustainability: Can I still finish my product with a clear conscience? Our answer is: yes! Because our KURZ transfer technology leaves no plastic parts (PET) on the product and uses no laminate. Our decorations are pure transfer decorations.

Webinar: The End Product

Optimization of The Recyclability of Your Packaging

The importance and relevance of sustainability and sustainable production has continued to grow in almost all areas and industries in recent years. At KURZ, sustainability is not just one topic of many - it is very important as both a responsibility and a driving force! Therefore, we would like to share with you to what extent or under what conditions packaging can be recycled. What actually remains on the product after hot stamping or cold transfer, and does this affect the recycling process?

  • In our webinar, KURZ recycling expert Dr. Markus von Beyer, who has supervised various tests at independent institutes, is looking forward to sharing with you everything that is important to know about the recyclability of finished, decorated packaging.

Your questions – Our answers

What are KURZ transfer decorations?

  • Our decorations are high-quality decoration layers with modern designs such as metallic, unicolor for paper, cardboard and plastic

What is applied on my product?

  • Only the decorative layer is applied on your end product (transfer decoration) – no plastic part (PET) & no laminate
  • Our decorations consists of a 0.02 μm thin aluminum layer, plus a minimal quantity of coating (~2.4 g/m²). They are therefore 6,000 times thinner than a human hair!


  • In addition to the minimal use of raw material, we also use harmless raw materials: KURZ transfer decorations fulfill all global, European and German environmental regulations
  • KURZ transfer decorations are recyclable, deinkable & compostable: The automatic sorting process (up to 70 % decorated surface possible) & the composting process are not impacted
  • We offer the most efficient technology with maximum design variety, the finest details and maximum gloss for an unrivaled decorating quality

Transfer Finishing with KURZ

Convincing Security - Convince Yourself

Your end product in good hands

Your Decorated Product

Let’s take a closer look at your decorated paper & cardboard product: KURZ transfer decorations offer your customers maximum certainty with regard to the raw materials used, responsible use of resources, sustainable disposal and unlimited recyclability. 

Find out the finer details and provide your customers with convincing answers to key questions:

Recyclable packaging for a better future

Recycling Packaging

Paper and cardboard decorated with KURZ transfer decorations can be recycled without restrictions and without additional work, whatever the type. Modern sorting plants assign decorated substrates from paper or cardboard with a surface weight of less than 100 g/m² to the high-quality deinking goods. Hot stamping and cold transfer decorations are separated 100 % from the cellulose fibers in the deinking process.


Focus on the product life cycle

Biodegradable & Compostable

KURZ also offers proven advantages in terms of biodegradability & compostability of packaging: Our LUXOR® MTS 220, for example, was certified in accordance with DIN EN 13432 as a harmless additive for the composting process. The minimal decorative layer (≤ 1 weight%) has no impact on the composting and has no negative impacts on plant growth. Prerequisite: The cardboard itself is compostable and a disintegration in accordance with DIN EN 13432 is carried out for cardboard plus coating.


We trust in REACH

Harmless Ingredients

Transfer coatings from KURZ only contain raw materials that are free from volatile, ozone-depleting halogenated hydrocarbons, cadmium, lead, mercury or hexavalent chromium. They therefore completely fulfill all specifications of the current EU Chemicals Ordinance REACH. Conclusion: No special requirements or restrictions need to be taken into account when processing our decorations.

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