The End Product

Systematic Environmental Compliance – From Stamping to Disposal

During hot stamping it is not foil that is transferred onto the product, rather an extremely thin color or aluminum coating. Here, the film merely serves as a transfer material and is removed again from the product following the application process. As such, hot stamped products can ultimately be disposed of simply and safely via paper recycling. Moreover, hot stamping does not involve any hazardous materials – neither the carrier film nor the transfer layer contain any heavy metals.

  • The transfer carrier is used only for transferring the thinnest decorative layers, meaning it does not remain on the packaging
  • Minimum amount of lacquers (~ 2.4 g/m²) for a maximum optical result for the end product
  • The aluminum layers are incredibly thin: 0.02 µm, which is about 6,000 times thinner than a human hair
  • Automatic sorting process is not influenced up to 70 % surface decoration
  • Paper/carton board are 100 % recyclable and deinkable
  • Decorative layer (<=1 wt.-%) does not affect the composting process, e.g. LUXOR® MTS 220, DIN EN 12432*
  • KURZ products fulfill all global and European/German regulations
  • KURZ does not use any raw materials containing volatile, ozone depleting halogenated hydrocarbons, cadmium, lead, mercury or hexavalent chromium for the transfer finish production


*The DIN Certco certificate states that our product LUXOR® MTS 220 according to DIN EN 13432 is a safe additive for the composting process, i.e. our customers can apply up to 1 mass percent of our lacquer layer to their substrate without restricting the composability.

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