boxes No. 3 - Trend Colors

1000 Universes

Meta Violet LUXOR® 111005

The Cyberspace of the future is light purple, just like Meta Violet LUXOR® 111005. A rich playground of endless opportunities between AI and IQ, shining in myriad new lights. High-gloss and metallic, Meta Violet holds a mirror up to the world and shows its digital twin, opening up completely new, startling horizons in the process.

Blue Infinity LUMAFIN® 743

Blue Infinity LUMAFIN® 743 is transparent, light and weightless, just like eternity itself. Its shimmer opens up the space for imagination, for fluid thoughts, for new innovations that take digital ideas and use them to change the analogue world. Just like this fleeting color, which has been released from its digital cage to become a sensual, tactile experience.


Endless expanses, organic shapes that seem to flutter and move. Always in flux, drifting apart or becoming entangled, like distant galaxies that have just been born or are being devoured by black holes - SILVER LINE® Warp is all this and more. With matt, highly reflective, shimmering areas. As diverse and variable as a thousand universes.