boxes No. 3 - Trend Colors

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Deep Dark LUMAFIN® 791

Error in the system? Just ignore it... Deep Dark LUMAFIN® 791 lets it disappear into the darkest depths. Only superficially, of course. What Deep Dark does is give defects a mysterious shine, a transparent shimmer that allows what’s important to shine through and shows which errors need to be tackled.

Emerging Yellow LUXOR® 111004

Attention, there’s something not quite right here! With a luminous yellow klaxon, Emerging Yellow LUXOR® 111004 highlights everything that’s not going to plan. Cracks, scratches, defects. Look! this color shouts out. Highlighted with shiny metallic effects, rich, bright and reflective. It’s a warning sign and a message in one. 


SILVER LINE® Blur symbolises the eternal interplay between defect and perfection. Shimmering in different colors and intensities, shifting between matt grey and all the bright colors of the rainbow, this color blurs the boundaries between depths and materials. It confuses and shows that nothing ever stays the way it appears to be. Not even errors.