boxes No. 3 - Trend Colors

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Connecting Teal LUXOR® 111008

Connecting Teal LUXOR® 111008 is friendly, open and engaging. With a clear focus on harmony, the color inspires trust and invites us to embrace new things and reach out to one another. Sitting somewhere between metallic teal-green, petrol and blue, with a playful spirit, slightly reflective, eye-catching but not too pushy, this color makes you hanker for connection.

Society Red LUXOR® 111006

Society Red LUXOR® 111006 warmly embraces worlds, cultures and people. The dark, muted red invokes a universal sense of security, togetherness and acceptance. To yield to this color is to feel comforted and at home. Plain, simple and natural. Understated, restrained, a source of support.


SILVER LINE® Thread unites opposites. Like threads, the intricate lines intersect, take diversions, form loops, zigzag around - the one thing they are not is straightforward. As colorful and diverse as the rainbow effect that shimmers over everything. It inspires the courage to reveal your true colors. For diversity and tolerance.