Case Study with Venchi

Sweet Temptation in a Luxurious Shell: Artfully Wrapped Chocolate

Case Study with Venchi and LUXORO for the Food Industry

La Dolce Vita, the sweet life, is literally the day-to-day business of the Italian chocolate manufacturer Venchi. Since 1878, the tradition-rich company has stood for Italian chocolatier art, passion, care, and - of particular importance for this case study - a love of experimentation.

To this day, this experimental spirit has not only led to over 350 seductive chocolate creations, but also artistically wrapped chocolate bars that draw all eyes once a year with their noticeably ornate packaging that truly expresses the soul of the brand. Our exclusive Italian partner LUXORO had the pleasure of realizing the 2022 special editions 'Buono Buonissimo' together with Venchi.


The Italian company, based in Castelletto Stura, specializes in the production and distribution of chocolate in over 70 countries.


As a partner of LEONHARD KURZ, LUXORO exclusively supplies the Italian market with first-class, sustainable surface decorations.

The Goal

A collaboration between Venchi and the ALF Creative Agency led to the creation of two outstanding designs for the current special editions: One artistic and playful, the other a little more luxurious. Both variants have one thing in common: Their bright colors. This not only embodies Italy’s typical exuberance, but also the generosity and hospitality of its inhabitants.

These striking and meaningful motifs now had to be showcased as spectacularly and sustainably as possible with KURZ’s finishing solutions.

“Our special editions are designed to exude the Italian sense of esthetics, happiness, and joie de vivre,” adds Roberta Caneschi, Venchi Marketing Manager.


“That’s why we were looking for partners who could bring out all these emotions as well as the diversity that is so characteristic of our country.”

The Solution

Both special packaging versions were refined with various effective metallizations. This was achieved, among other things, through the modern, digital 2D finishing by the DM-SMARTLINER from KURZ.

In the 'ALF-LUXORO' edition, for example, which shows a typical Italian neighborhood scene, silver was partially applied and then overprinted in color.

“Partial metallization wonderfully complements the design’s four-color print and perfectly showcases individual facets and the beauty of the motifs,” Alessandro Casetta, CEO Alf Creative Agency.

Since the finishes don’t affect the compostability of the decorated substrate, the packaging can be fully recycled in both case

“Of course, we’d be delighted if the special editions were to permanently find their place in a display cabinet as coveted collectors’ items. But first you have to resist the sweet temptation - and that’s no easy task,” adds Roberta Caneschi with a wink.


Digital finishing with the DM-SMARTLINER, in conjunction with the DIGITAL METAL® solutions for sheet-fed printing, offers a wide range of attractive finishing options. The stand-alone printing unit ensures sustainable production and brilliant print results on both paper and cardboard – for short runs, special editions like the one for Venchi, customer-specific customizations, or in traditional large-scale production runs.

“What we particularly appreciate about working with KURZ – in addition to the variety and excellent quality of their surface finishes – are the short decision-making processes and the perfectly coordinated components from a single source,” Alessandro Casetta, CEO Alf Creative Agency.

How You Benefit from 2D Digital Transfer:

  • Machine, consumables, and service from a single source
  • Excellent results from the very first sheet
  • Up to 3,100 SRA3 sheets per hour (depending on pressure and substrate)
  • Custom hologram designs available (tickets etc.)
  • Overprinting of metallizations possible
  • Intelligent film-saving system for less waste

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