Case Study with EUREKA

KURZ and EUREKA Weinspritzer: An Innovatively Packaged Wine Spritzer to Increase Creativity

Case Study for an Unique Label and Packaging Design Concept for the Wine Industry

Which factors inspire people and promote their creativity - and which ones inhibit them? Dr. Tobias Eismann and Dr. Martin Meinel, the two young founders of EUREKA INNOVATION UG, investigated this in great detail.

“During our research into the human ability to be creative, we also came across studies on alcohol that suggested that a certain level of alcohol actually has a positive effect. This is because it reduces our inhibition to express our own ideas and thoughts,” Tobias Eismann explains.

Ultimately, the two creativity experts, who both have doctorate degrees, wanted to translate this knowledge into a product and thus make it tangible - that’s how the EUREKA Weinspritzer came about. This wine spritzer has an unusual label concept: Depending on gender and body weight, two scales on the label indicate the perfect amount of the beverage to give the drinker’s creativity a real boost. Well then, cheers!


In addition to wine spritzers as a creativity booster, the Nuremberg-based start-up is already working on other innovative products to promote creative behavior.

Man in blue sweater holding up a cardboard bottle pack, woman in yellow blouse holding a white wine bottle

The Goal

“Since it's all about creativity, we also wanted to convey our message through the label and package of the product as attractively as possible. We were therefore looking for ways to make our existing product even more unique,” explains Tobias Eismann.

In particular, it was important to the founders to present the different behaviors and work modes that determine creativity as separate types of bottles and to also integrate creativity exercises in the form of a booklet, tailored to the seven bottle types.

At the same time, KURZ was looking for local cooperation partners to demonstrate its own expertise in the field of packaging embellishment using real, market-ready products. By a happy coincidence, the Fürth company (KURZ) became aware of the Nuremberg business (EUREKA). They clicked immediately, and the project got underway.

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Julia Meier, Marketing Manager at KURZ, remembers:

“It was an exciting process, in which we developed ideas together, played with creativity, and thus greatly enhanced the label.”

And as is the case when it comes to creativity: Once something works, then it works - with the result that the one label ultimately turned into seven different design variants plus an outer packaging, which now had to be creatively implemented.

The Solution

The genie in the bottle for fulfilling all creative wishes is once again digital embellishment. The labels were finished with the DM-UNILINER 2D, and the outer packaging - which, incidentally, was also produced in seven color-coordinated variants - with the DM-SMARTLINER. Both elements have been given eye-catching metallizations in matte gold and silver and, when combined, ensure a special unboxing experience.

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The shape of the cylindrical outer packaging is inspired by high-quality whiskey packaging, although for the EUREKA Weinspritzer it is not closed, but open at the top and bottom. It fits so tightly that the bottle cannot fall out and boasts exciting texts with additional decorative elements and metallization on the inside. At the same time, it serves as a holder for the booklet with creativity exercises for each type of bottle. So, there’s something to discover here on all levels.

The upper end of the outer packaging is jagged and, according to Matthias Miederer, Product Manager Digital Embellishment Solutions at KURZ, looks like a ‘designer crown.’

“We are delighted to be working with EUREKA. Because a real product is of course ideal for showing the world what our new generations of machines can do. The seven variations perfectly match KURZ’s versatile finishings. Above all, we show what possibilities digital print finishing opens up and just how versatile it can be,” Miederer continues.



KURZ offers its customers a complete package for digital finishing solutions from a single source: High-performance digital transfer machines such as DM-SMARTLINER and DM-UNILINER 2D, brilliant digital transfer coating, and efficiency-enhancing application software. Turning products into real premium eye-catchers!

Your Benefits with KURZ Digital Finishing:

  • Customer-specific metallic finishing for individual label designs
  • Attractive finishing for small series, special editions, or different product series
  • Wide range of colors and metallizations thanks to overprintability
  • Virtually no creative design limits
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Martin Meinel, co-founder of EUREKA, also praises the cooperation with KURZ:

“We’re very enthusiastic about the collaborative, creative process - because there’s one thing we can see very clearly here: When several people with different perspectives work together on something new and are open to exploring the realm of possibilities, then something truly creative emerges. And that's not the case when everyone is locked into a particular vision from the outset.”

Taking Sustainability into Account

Of course, the important topic of sustainability also plays a major role in a project like this. With digital finishing using DM-UNILINER 2D and DM-SMARTLINER, no plastic film remains on the label or the packaging. The outer packaging of the EUREKA wine spritzer can therefore be disposed of in paper waste and is recyclable.

Finally, bear in mind that how much EUREKA Weinspritzer was actually consumed during this project will naturally remains the secret of the creative collaborators! But there’s another truth in wine - and that’s the fact that

“too much alcohol is, of course, not good either and can even have the opposite effect,” explains Tobias Eismann. “Our passion is to make people all over the world more creative. That’s why we donate 1 euro per bottle sold to creative projects. However, please always drink responsibly.”

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